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     Mark grew up fishing the local streams and ponds in Connecticut.  Under the tutelage of his father he was introduced to the sport and learned the basics of bass and trout fishing.  As a teenager he was always riding his bike to find a stream or pond to try to catch whatever he could. After serving 4 years in the Army and working on his bachelor’s degree from Southern CT State University he was able to pick up his passion again.  

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     He joined the local Trout Unlimited chapter and made many friends that helped him hone his fly fishing and fly-tying skills. Some of those friends introduced him to the Connecticut Rhode Island Coastal Fly Fishers Club. He made more friends from this group and they were inspirational in mentoring him on how to fish for stripers and bluefish along the coast from shore, boat and kayak.  In 2010, Mark purchased his first boat hoping that his son would take to the sport like he did in his youth. In 2019, Mark and Jake came up with the idea to create a YouTube channel to share their fishing adventures.

     Jake grew up on the sport of swimming. He competitively swam for 10 years, from age 8 to 18. After closing that chapter in his life he searched for something new to keep him busy. He took a class in high school about Film and Video Production. Jake has always been a creative person, and sought out to make video entertainment his next big accomplishment. 


Jake Torello

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     Jake was exposed to fishing early by his father, but only took it seriously until the summer of 2019. As he grew older Jake began to enjoy staying more active and fishing with his father. Now armed with multiple cameras and video making knowledge, he is ready to create an informative video series on fishing in his local area.

Meet The Hosts

Mark Torello